Facebook Design Coasters
Every year some members of the Facebook Design Team go to SXSW in Austin. It's a chance to learn and meet other designers in the interactive industry. This year the team wanted to have something small to give away to people they met to promote our new page (facebook.com/design). They decided on the idea of coasters, it functions similar to a business card but it's also an invitation to come out drinking with our team. The team asked me to get a quote from one of the printers we work with, but I suggested instead that we print them in house and make a story about it. I like the idea of getting web designers from a technology company printing and making physical things. So with the help of Everett Katigbak (one of our designers with letterpress experience) we made these coasters.

These were 1 over 1 screen print in 2 different color options (blue and orange) and 1 color letterpress.

Read more about the project on the Facebook Design Blog

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