Facebook Holiday Gift

The Facebook Holiday Gift is something we send out each year to some of our friends and clients as a small way of saying thank you.

In 2009 we decided to try and make a gift that felt more unique and personal. Each recipient was given a custom wooden token that was redeemable online through DonorsChoose.org or Kiva.org for the cause of their choice. Additionally each recipient received a Facebook themed art print.

Conceptually it was important that the art print be about human connection across the entire world. Though it isn't immediately apparent in the finished piece, the central image is actually made from one continuous unbroken line that weaves in on itself. It took awhile to figure that out, and even though I knew people probably wouldn't notice it was important to get it right.

There was a lot of coordination that needed to happen to do a project this large and I could not have done it without the help of our fantastic printers.

Rubber stamped poster tube

Custom packing tape

Token reveal
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Custom wooden token & die cut holder

Custom craft wrapping paper
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Full poster
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Poster details
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Behind the scenes process photos
    Some of the more technical details about the production.
  • We produced 4000 pieces.
  • All of the tubes were hand stamped.
  • The wooden tokens are 2.5" in diameter. They are screen printed on 1/8" craft plywood. After the screen printing the unique code is digitally printed straight onto the wood. Finally, they get routed out on a CNC milling machine.
  • The 19" x 19" art print is 1 color offset printing, with a silver foil stamp and emboss.
  • The postcard and token holder are 1 color offset with clear thermography.

For Print Only

Work done while employed by Facebook
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