Special Olympics
Special Olympics provides sports training and Olympic style athletic competition in a variety of sports for people of all ages with intellectual disabilities, giving them the opportunity to develop physical fitness, be brave, have fun and participate with their families, other athletes and the public.

Below are selected sketches and computer output from the development of the new mark. I think I redrew it on the computer at least 10 times before I got it right.

It kind of started by looking at the Olympic rings for the actual Olympics. I played around with a lot of interlocking shapes, but I really wanted to represent the idea of coming together and community so I used the weaving shapes. It's two ribbons that form an abstract flame / person. The flame is part of the Olympic tradition, the person has their hands thrown in the air in victory. The negative space in the bottom is a a tear drop to represent all of the hard work, dedication and emotion people with intellectual disabilities and their families go through on a daily basis.

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Gold Award - 2007 Graphis New Talent Design Annual

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