North Texas Review
The North Texas Review is a diverse literature and art journal that celebrates the personal creativity and growth of the students at the University of North Texas

In 2007 I volunteered to design the journal. It was a long process of meetings, ideation, typesetting and press checks. I was doing this on top of all of my other work for school, internship and freelance. It was a good experience though.

The book is 115 pages. The cover is offset printed on heavyweight French paper. There is a varnish on the blue but it soaked into the paper and doesn't really show up. Lesson learned. The inside is printed digitally on an HP Indigo.

One of the big things the editor wanted the journal to communicate was diversity. When he told me I kind of cringed a little inside because of the obvious clinches that came to mind. What I ended up doing was using the limited paper choices of digital printing to our advantage. I only had white and off white to choose from for the HP Indigo so I used both. I had the printer mix all of the paper up at random before printing so that each book is different from the next. It's a subtle sophisticated solution that I'm very pleased with.

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Danny M. Hoey Jr. - Editor-in-Chief
Dustin Aguilar - Managing Editor
Amanda Gann - Assist. Managing Editor / Reader
Ruby Al-Quaem - Fiction Editor
Octavio Quintanilla - Poetry Editor
Ashlie Crooks - Nonfiction Editor
Cayla Bartolucci - Art Editor
Ben Barry - Graphic Designer
Rebekah Mansfield - Webmaster / Reader
Amos Magliocco - Faculty Advisor
Kelley Miller - Reader
M'lyssa Lane - Reader
Nathan Mark Elliott - Reader

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