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Hale County, Alabama is one of the poorest in the state. Almost a quarter of the families do not have running water or use contaminated well water. A lot of them want clean running water and could afford the monthly water bill, they simply cannot afford the cost to connect a water meter to the county water system.

This was a massive collaboration between lots of designers taking part in Project M 2007. We had this piece printed in Alabama by a local newspaper. They've been sent out all of the country to raise awareness and money. Help a family, buy a meter.

Check out the article in GOOD Magazine

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Tim Belonax - Designer
Laura Prelle - Designer
Ellen Sitkin - Designer
Wendy Smith - Designer
Dana Steffe - Designer
Sagarika Sundaram - Designer
Nate Turner - Designer
Ben Barry - Designer

John Bielenberg - Advisor
Adam Brodsley - Advisor
Jeff Caldwell - Advisor
Bernard Canniffe - Advisor
Brian Collins - Advisor
Erik Cox - Advisor
Bob Dinetz - Advisor
Eric Heiman - Advisor
Bruce Lindsey - Advisor
Thomas Sevcik - Advisor
Christopher Simmons - Advisor
Alissa Walker - Advisor
Mike Weikert - Advisor

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