Restarting VENT
VENT is the student graphic design club at the University of North Texas.

This is the online student message board
Spring Poster Series
When we restarted VENT Ryan Cole and I did these posters to raise awareness of the club and the new website. We put them all over the art building.

VENT Events
In addition to our weekly lunches VENT hosts a number of unique events and projects.

Students applying to the entry review often have very little idea what to expect and professors are not allowed to help them prepare because it would create an unfair situation. So VENT organized a pre-entry review critique where students in the design program helped those who were applying. I don't know for sure, but I don't think anyone who came failed the review.

Student run entry portfolio review.

Ventilate meet and greet in the park.

Ben Barry - Designer / Organizer
Ryan Cole - Ideation / Organizer
Adam Holmes - Event Planner

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