Straight Loop
StraightLoop is a t-shirt company started with my roommates in college. We had some success selling online and at local Dallas retailers, but that was never our main motivation. Prior to knowing how to screen print ourselves we just really wanted to make cool shirts. So we partnered with our friend Kevin at Foundry Press and started producing shirts we would sell in limited editions to our friends. It just kind of expanded from there.

Gasmask shirt designed by Ben Barry

Yes Man shirt designed by Ben Barry

Kinky Love shirt designed by Ben Barry

Cycle Witch shirt designed by Ben Barry

Pirate shirt designed by Eric Koch

After a few months of shipping shirts from our house we had run into problems. We had the shirts all folded and stacked neatly, but whenever we got orders the stacks got disorganized and unfolded rather quickly. We didn't really have any extra money to spend on anything fancy so for less than $20 in supplies we came up with this solution. We got paper lunch sacks, spray paint and sticky labels. The shirts are now color coded and marked to indicate size and style. It worked really well for us, and looks pretty good.

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